We recommend that your child be screened for possible early orthodontic treatment beginning at age 7 or as soon as you notice anything unusual. This may include a crossbite where the teeth overlap each other in an unusual manner, an open bite where the front teeth do not come together when your child bites down all the way or an overbite (over-jet) where the front teeth protrude. Children’s teeth and jaws go through many stages of development, and at any point, things can get off track. That is why it is important to have your child screened for potential orthodontic intervention early and ask questions!

Dr. Sula Umansky and the team at Katy Dental Arts are here to help with early orthodontics in Katy, Texas. When your child visits us for their routine checkups, rest assured that Dr. Sula Umansky has the training and experience to identify your child’s individual needs and discuss with you thoroughly the best course of action.

Other important conditions to be on the lookout for are thumb sucking habits, which can distort the upper dental arch, very narrow arches, which can restrict the tongue and proper breathing, and severe teeth crowding, which can damage or block the normal eruption patterns of the permanent adult teeth.

Fortunately, not all children will need early intervention. Many minor issues are best dealt with during the early adolescent years with comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Whatever your child’s unique needs may be, our dentist, Dr. Sula Umansky, will be there to help. Please call 281-528-9337 to learn more!